We operate top level domain registries

  • Freenom operates the top level domain registries for various top level domains, such as .TK, .ML, .GA, .CF and .GQ.
  • Freenom provides free domain name registrations to all users on the internet. Because of its free offering, domain names registered through Freenom may be easier subject to abuse and misuse than paid domains.
  • Freenom operates an anti-abuse and copyright infringement team based in Amsterdam that replies on each reported issue within 24 hours. This way Freenom can continue to operate top level domain names.

No Phishing, No Spam

Sometimes it is necessary to act even faster - when an immediate alert is received from a hosting provider that a domain is used in a large spam attack or when a domain is used for phishing.

For this reason Freenom has developed the Anti Abuse API. This interface allows Trusted Partners to report abused or misused free domains electronically. These reported domains are taken offline immediately.