You know what it takes

Intellectual Property Agencies know what it takes to protect a brand. Freenom caters to lawfirms and brand protection agencies by offering extensive domain name registration tools for an increasing number of top level domains. All Freenom IP Agency Partner accounts are managed by dedicated account managers making sure that all questions and issues are answered in a timely manner.

Why choose Freenom?

  • Freenom is the largest domain provider after .COM.
  • Freenom is well known in various parts of the world. From Europa and the United States to China and Russia.
  • Freenom became a large player because it believes firmly in providing domain names for free. Tens of thousands of domain names are registered on a daily basis at Freenom at no charge.
  • A Freenom IP Agency Partner Account includes domain name registration tools to ensure that your customers brands are protected safe and sound.

Integration Options

There are three ways to integrate your business with Freenom

Freenom API Access

Use Freenom's extensive API to build services directly into your website.

Hosting Modules

Use Freenoms extensive API or many hosting modules available to offer Freenom's services directly with your offering.

My Freenom

Register domains directly from Freenom's powerful web interface.

No Reason to Prepay

At Freenom we believe in true partnerships. Therefore no prepayment is necessary. During the application of an IP Agency Account we will ask you to sign an electronic agreement.

Once this agreement is approved it will be countersigned by Freenom's management and you will be issued credentials to use My Freenom, or use one of the website integration and hosting module tools.