Make the shortest URL possible

Random Domains is a free service of Freenom allowing you to generate and use random 5 character domains. These Random Domains are great for URL forwarding. In fact, they make the shortest URL possible.

Forget about TinyURL or Start using Random Domains and integrate the Random Domains API in your application.

Shortest URL

Shortest URL forwarding possible.

Available WorldWide

All random domains are available on the internet worldwide.

Replacing Tweak

Random domains has replaced TweaK - a product of Dot TK


When you shorten a URL, Freenom stores the long version in its database and assigns the URL a new domain name that ends with one of the free domain extensions. For example, if you shorten the URL and the link you get back is, then the unique domain name that your URL has been assigned is

The domain name is instantly added to the root zone of one of our Top Level Domains. That means that immediately after registration you are able to use

When somebody visits your new short domain name, Freenom takes the domain and redirects the user to the original long URL that is stored in our database. If you sign up for a Freenom Random Domains account you can track all the traffic to your domains.

Freenom API

Freenom's API allows you to design computer programs and online applications that interact directly with the Freenom registration system for free domain name registration services.

This basically means Freenom allows developers to register short URL's and free domain names with one of its free domain extensions, in the background of their applications.


To shorten any long address, simply POST or GET the address to our API and parse the answer.

curl -X POST -d "forward_url=<long_url>&email=<email>&password=<pass>"


The specified longaddress needs to be an URL encoded representation of the URL. If the URL needs to be shortened, it should be passed as

The 'http://' part of the passed long URL may be omitted.


The response's header will be in JSON and contains the following result fields:



Upon error, the error field is populated with one of the following results.

"Method not supported for function"
"Long URL not submitted"
"Long URL is invalid"
"Quota reached"
"Shortname already taken"
"An other error happened"

An example JSON error result would be:

{"status":"error","error":"Method not supported for function"}

You can use any Freenom registered email address and password to use the Random Domains function of the Freenom API. It's also possible to use the Freenom Random Domains functionality anonymously. You can register up to 25 shortened address per IP address every 24 hours anonymously. When this maximum is reached, the error "Quote reached" will be returned. This maximum can simply be increased to use any Freenom account when registering new domains.

Please note that all Freenom accounts are subject to Freenom's Terms and Conditions.

Moving from TweaK to Freenom API?

Random Domains has replaced TweaK - a product of Dot TK. By simply adding the "result=TweaK" variable in the API call, the API would return similar results as you were used to with TweaK. Since we would love you to use the new Freenom API's possibilities, we recommend to upgrade to the Freenom API calls, as described above.

Please note that all Freenom accounts are subject to Freenom's Terms and Conditions.