Report abuse (TK/ML/CF/GA/GQ)

Freenom operates a very open service, available for everyone in all countries. Because of this we are also used by fraudsters—and we are very aware of this. Freenom operates a dedicated abuse and copyright infringement department that handles efficiently all spam, phishing, abuse and copyright infringement problems within one day, 7 days a week.

Because of Freenom's policies, domains that are registered for free can be cancelled immediately, reducing the harm of a possible threat. Freenom works closely with many governmental law enforcement agencies, trademark organizations and anti-spam agents worldwide, resulting in an effective way to fight fraud.

If you have a complaint about a domain or of a registrant misusing the Freenom ID Shield WHOIS Privacy service, please email abuse[at] for any spam or phishing related issues. If you feel your copyright is infringed please email your complaint to copyright[at]

Report abuse paid domains (non-TK/ML/CF/GA/GQ)

If your abuse complaint regards a paid domain name not bearing the TK, ML, CF, GA or GQ domain extension you may file your complaint by sending an email to abuse-gtld[at] Upon receipt of your email you will be assigned a ticket number.

In your email please substantiate your allegations with concrete evidence and/or any other relevant information to verify the abuse incident and help Freenom to take appropriate action. Keep in mind that depending on the type of the issue you’d like to report, the evidence may vary.

If you have a ticket opened with the Freenom Abuse Department and would like to provide more details or have further questions, please continue this conversation via the ticket. This reduces cross-referencing and confusion, contributing to an efficient and timely communication.

Our general ticket processing time is 72 hours, but it may vary for each specific case.

IMPORTANT: Ticket processing time may not indicate the timeframe in which the issue will be resolved. Depending on the particular case and the type of the issue, it may take a different amount of time for our investigation to be performed.

All complaints are investigated and actions are taken when necessary. However, we do not always respond with the outcome of our investigation.

Freenom Anti-Abuse API

Sometimes it is needed to act on abuse immediately, for example when an immediate alert is received from a hosting provider that a domain is used in a large spam attack or when a domain is used for phishing.

For this reason Freenom has developed the Anti-Abuse API. This interface allows Trusted Partners to report abused or misused Freenom domains electronically. These reported domains are taken offline immediately.

In order to use the API, most partners require signing an Anti-Abuse Agreement with Freenom. Upon receipt and approval of this Agreement the management of Freenom will issue an Anti-Abuse Account, consisting of email address and password, to each Trusted Partner. If you want to become a trusted partner please email partners[at] for more information.